The College Picker Interview - Talking Thrifting, Flipping, Making Videos

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 2:52 How he got into Youtube 4:00 How he got into Thrifting / Flipping 7:00 Student Loans College 8:45 Benefits of second hand 10:20 Learning the Second Hand Market 12:45 How to determine value and worth buying 14:12 Is thrifting for resale taking away from the needy 19:03 Where to Sell and list, different platforms, local vs shipping 21:55 How to price an item 23:30 Safety tips for local meetups, how not to get scammed 27:00 Kind strangers 29:50 Anything you won’t buy used? 34:15 Biking across Japan and vlogging 36:40 Second hand youtube gear 39:50 Different forms of income and monetization 43:00 Video Ideas and future Youtube Goals 47:35 Best Thrift Flip Find $1.50 to $5700 48:55 Outro Eric's Channel:

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