The Ameer Rosic Interview - Talking Youtube Monetization Alternatives, Is College Worth It & More

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 1:00 Current State of Youtube Monetization 5:30 Building Idea for Dollar Cake, Blockchain Alternate Monetization App 11:20 What is Web 1 vs Web 2 vs Web 3 15:55 How dollar cake works 21:00 Being Anti-fragile 25:33 Being able to “Invest” in Youtube Channels 29:24 Is College System Worth it anymore? 32:35 Education vs Schooling 34:45 Trades, farming, real estate 40:00 Companies Hiring Talent 41:14 Audit Yourself & Keeping up with the joneses 48:33 Loving Yourself and Effects of Your Environment 57:00 Human Psychology 59:50 Closing Thoughts

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