Sam Newton Media Interview - Travel Video Cliches, Rapping, Going Full Time on Youtube

0:00 Intro 0:45 Meeting on Clubhouse 1:48 What does Sam title himself as “Videographer” 3:35 Establishing self before going Full Time on Youtube 7:38 Getting Recognition from big Creators & Travel Video Cliches 10:43 Sam Kolder 11:00 Other Sam Newton Music 12:40 Sam Newton Media Business & brand 16:00 Making a living & monetizing on Youtube 20:48 Serious Rapping / Potential Music Career 24:35 Do you like Lil Dicky 28:00 Getting shouted out by Peter McKinnon 31:32 Renting a Giant Throne for Music Video 34:02 How does it feel to get 30,000 overnight 38:00 Traveling to 30+ Countries and Travel Recommendations 44:17 Final Thoughts and advice Follow Sam: Follow Justin

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