#29: How they built a 3D Camera App from 0 to 100,000 users ( Film3d )

In this episode of the Justin Odisho Podcast #29 I interview Mo Alissa and Abdou Sarr to talk about how they launched their 3d photography app Film3d

0:00 Introductions
2:00 How did you guys meet
4:15 Making Apps in highschool and getting shoutout from Snoop Dogg
8:15 What is Film3d
10:55 Getting the idea for a camera app and building a prototype
16:55 Developing the prototype - budget, bugs, branding
18:46 Working against the clock
23:50 Balancing Day Jobs, Side Hustles, and Going Full Time Creative
29:00 Doing a successful Product Launch on Social Media Strategy
33:00 Reaching 100,000 users and Future Plans and vision for MODU Brand
37:23 How to compete with giants like Facebook and Instagram as a startup
42:50 Full Circle Moment, Plans for V2 and future updates
45:23 Outros

Download Film3d App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/film3d/id1420344040

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