#14: How to Be a Pro Skater & Progress Daily - John Hill Interview

In this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by special guest John Hill! John is a professional skateboarder, youtube creator, and he has also started his own company "Progress Daily". John has recently moved from sunny west coast California to east coast NYC. He is currently building his brands creating content and clothing and plans to get involved in local community efforts with it in the future. John has a very refreshing personality and perspective that I think you will enjoy as we touch on a variety of topics!

0:00 Intro
2:40 Getting into Skateboarding & Youtube
6:15 How to become a pro skater
11:10 Soundcloud rap & skate
13:50 His Company “Progress Daily”
17:42 Making Clothing Designs
22:05 Revive Sponsorship
26:00 Podcasting on Anchor
29:50 Being Mixed / Asian
35:00 Living in California vs New York City
37:11 Relationship with Sara Dietschy
41:00 Twitter Questions
47 45 Video Editing
50:05 Next Steps & Closing Life Advice

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