The Volksgeist​ Interview - Talking Music Journalism, Growing & Monetizing a small Youtube channel w Philip Damico

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 0:44 Connecting in DMs 3:25 Starting Youtube 4:57 Building Authority & Credibility 7:11 Turning point for Channel 9:55 Signing with a Content Management Agency 13:45 priorities as a full-time creator 15:53 Coming up with video ideas 19:11 Leveraging Pre Existing Communities and Niche Audiences 21:08 Youtube analytics, algorithm , Home Page vs Subscriptions 28:00 Monetizing a Small to Medium Sized Channel 31:55 Fair Use & Copyright Music use 35:05 how to measure a successful ad campaign with sponsors 39:00 Goals and Ideas to expand the channel 48:30 What software he uses to edit his videos 49:20 Meaning of Volksgeist name 50:05 Outro VOLKSGEIST Channel:

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