@Sean G​ Interview - Lessons Learned Losing a Million Dollars, Making 2000+ Videos, Motivational



0:00 Intro

0:42 How we met & Seans Book

2:55 Why Start Youtube Making Videos

4:45 Going to Federal Prison

7:55 Balancing Losing Million and Remaining Positive

10:00 What It’s Like in Federal Prison

17:45 Making 1000s of Videos and getting Millions of Views

20:50 Learning Social Media & Video Editing

26:55 Staying Fit over 50, Calisthenics Culture

31:55 Lessons Learned in Prison

40:02 Advice to Younger Self 

42:30 Value of College Degree vs Self Education

48:00 Closing Words


Seans Channel: https://youtu.be/hp3KL_oip0I






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