50 Books I’ve Been Reading

Some Books Mentioned —

How to read a book - mortimer adler (https://amzn.to/2RClh3t)

mary oliver - a poetry handbook

Plato - complete works

Aristophanes - complete plays ( *clouds, birds, Lysistrata)

Edith Hamilton - mythology

Schopenhauer - essays and aphorisms

Nassim Taleb - incerto series

Nietzsche - beyond g & e , works

Albert Camus - the stranger, myth of Sisyphus

Epictetus - discourses and handbook

seneca - letters, shortness of life

huston smith - world religions

Digital Gold - Nathaniel Popper

Jeff Buckley Biographies & notebooks

Yukio mishima - sailor who fell from grace with the sea

osamu dazai - no longer human

john williams - stoner & more


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